QUIZ 1 Answer


 1 - Where do we find in the bible, the story of this statue?
    - Genesis chapter 19.
    > Daniel chapter 2.
    - Acts chapter 19.

(The story of the statue, also known as "the Daniel Statue" is found in chapter 2 of the book of Daniel in the Bible.)


 2 - Who saw this statue? 
    > Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.
    - John, the apostle of Jesus.
    - Daniel, the prophet.

(King Nebuchadnezzar has dreams where he sees the statue. He can no longer sleep and subsequently he does not remember anything and becomes very worried. He wants to know the dream and its explanation. [Daniel 2:1-4] )


 3 - What does the statue represent?
    - he riches of the Babylonian empire.
    - The powers and forces of the kings of the World.
    > The future of kingdoms since Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.

(Daniel receives from God the revelation of the symbol of the statue and explains to King Nebuchadnezzar. The statue represents the kingdoms to come and what must happen after Babylon and until the end of those kingdoms and the establishment of a kingdom that will never be destroyed. [see Daniel 2: 36-43] )


 4 - What material(s) is the statue made of?
    - Pure gold.
    > Gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay.
    - Acacia wood painted in brilliant colors.

(The statue had its head of gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze, its legs of iron, and its feet partly of iron and partly of clay. [see Daniel 2: 31-33] )


 5 –What happens to the statue?
    - It falls apart after a very strong earthquake.
    - It disintegrated by a sandstorm from the desert.  
    > It is completely smashed by a stone.

(The statue is struck on the feet by a detached stone without outside intervention and the statue is pulverized. The wind blows everything away and there is no trace of it. The stone, it becomes a mountain and fills the whole earth. [see Daniel 2: 34-35] )


6 - What does the destruction of the statue symbolize?
    > The End of the all Kingdoms and the Establishment of an Eternal Kingdom.
    - The end of the World and the coming of Jesus.
    - The destruction of evil, the end of sin and coming of the New Earth.

(The statue represents the great kingdoms of the earth. The stone that destroyed it represents the kingdom that will be established on earth at the second coming of Jesus. He will establish a kingdom that will be an eternal kingdom. [see Daniel 2: 44-45] )


King Nebuchadnezzar received from God a special message concerning the future. To have the explanation of this message he appealed to Daniel who asked God for the meaning of this prophecy.

Indeed, this prophecy from God reveals what will happen in the future from the days of Daniel to the present day. We can see that the prophecy is not completely fulfilled.

What stage of this prophecy do you think we are in today?


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