Geneva English-speaking church History


In April 1986, through the initiative and support of Ron Hackley, a student missionary from Walla-Walla College (US), the first group of English-speaking Adventists was formed in Geneva, together with some families already based in Switzerland.

With the support of John Greeve and Darrin Hayes - both students missionaries as well - a group of up to 20 people was attending worship service every Sabbath morning in Geneva.

Some of the initial activities consisted of: Bible study, following the "It Is Written" program; singing and visiting patients at the Clinic La Ligniere; prayer meetings on Wednesday evenings and some social activities.

After the departure of the student missionaries, the group continued to gather under the direction of its laymen.


In 1991, Pr. Gilbert Dewinter, who was at that time chaplain at La Ligniere, became the Pastor of the English-speaking Adventist group in Geneva. At this time the group had around 20 regular people.


The Adventist Fellowship Geneva kept on growing and, in May 1999, changed its status from "group" to "church". The church count arount 40 members.


In May 2001, Pr. Gilbert Dewinter retired and was replaced in January 2002 by Pr. Daniel Ferraz, who was also the Pastor of the Portuguese-speaking church in Geneva. Pastor Ferraz remained as Adventist Fellowship Pastor till December 2005. This year the number of members was 90 people.


Pastor Teofilo Ferreira was our Pastor from January 2006 until September of that year.
Pastor Julio Ferreira joined as Pastor of AFG church in October 2006. Pr. Ferreira remained as AFG Pastor until May 2010.


Pr.Tiago Cunha was Pastor of the AFG church from 2010 to 2013. He's also the Personal Ministries and Sabbath School Director for the Trans-Mediterranean Territories. As an Evangelist he's been working with his AFG evangelistic team. The nomber of members on that time was around 100 people.


Pr.Reynolds Agathe became the Pastor of the AFG church from 2013 and in 2014 Pr.Valdeir Aguiar joined the AFG church and they worked together.


In the administration meeting, on April, the members of the church decided to change the title of the church from Adventist Fellowship Geneva to Geneva International Seventh-day Adventist Church.