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How to know for yourself what the Bible really means? Is it still relevant for us today?

Every Saturday morning, at 10:00am, you are welcome to freely attend the weekly Bible study, a special time put aside to dig deep into the Scriptures. There are classes for adults, youth and children.




It was at church when he first saw her. He was running an errand, absorbed in his thoughts, when the sight hit him. The painting was a little less than two meters high and three meters wide, but the girl portrayed in it exerted a strange captivating force over the young man. Why could he not take his eyes off of her? What was it? After some reflection, he realized that it was her eyes. The painting portrayed only her face, and she was intently looking at something. But what, and why was she so absorbed in it? For a long time afterward, he couldn’t get the painting out of his head.

The portrait of Jesus in the Letter to the Hebrews can exert a similar captivating force upon us. Jesus is described, first of all, as the Ruler of the universe, enthroned at God’s right hand. Innumerable angels celebrate Him, worship Him, and serve Him (Heb. 1:5–14, Heb. 12:22–24). He has won the right to rule because through His own death He has ensured the destruction of the devil (Heb. 2:14–16). Jesus is also the exalted High Priest. Sinless, and perfectly holy, He lives forever to minister in our behalf in the heavenly sanctuary (Heb. 7:26–8:5). He has won the right to do so because He offered Himself as a perfect, once-for-all sacrifice, effective for everyone and forever (Heb. 10:1–14). Jesus has also mediated a new covenant between God and His people that will stand forever (Heb. 8:6–13).


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