Pathfinder Uniform

The official uniform of the Pathfinders in the French and Italian areas of Switzerland, is stipulated by conferece Fédération Suisse Romande et du Tessin (FSRT) Youth Ministry Department.

The uniform must be worn only by members of the clube and at each meeting when requested by the leaders of the Club. It should not be worn outside of the clube's activities or private activities.


THE SHIRTPathfinder Swiss Uniform

A "olive-khaki" shirt with long sleeves.

On the left pocket the Classes Badges "Qualifications".  
(Iif the Pathfinder has previously received the Adventurer Classes "étincelles" he can keep them on the pocket closure)






BADGES AND INSIGNIAPathfinders Uniforme

On the left sleeve the Patfinder Insignia (triangle) "Le badge Explorateur".

On the right sleeve the Honors "Spécifications". Up to five badges.
(If the pathfinder has made more than five badges he can put them on the sashe)



THE SCARFFoulard Explorateur - Pathfinder Scarf

It's a red scarf with white border and the Adventist Youth logo of the FSRT. 

It's the same scart for Adventures and Patfinders.



THE SASHPathfinder Sash

The sash is not a official item of the uniform for Pathfinders "Explorateurs" but it can be worn if the Pathfinder have more then 5 Honors on the seleeve and also it serves as a collecting point for Honor patches and all other Pathfinder related emblems the wearer has earned.





MASTER-GUIDE SCARFMaster Guide Scarf - Chef-Guide

When the Pathfinder continues to participate in the clube and completes all Progressive Classes until the last one, he receives the badge of Master Guide "Chef-Guide" and Master Guide Scarf.